Welcome to Meadowlark Country!

Our Mission

       Founded by photographer Chris Roberts, Meadowlark Communications is dedicated to providing quality visual communications in photography, video, film, and print media to people wishing to understand and appreciate the cultural richness of America's native peoples.  Our company grew out of a love for the people and culture of Indian Country.

Our History

       Meadowlark Communications began with the 1992 publication of Powwow Country.  Sales of the book in the Indian gift market quickly led to the request for "other items relating to powwows that are the quality of your book."  In early 1995 seven powwow videos and three additional photographic book titles were listed in our first catalog and Meadowlark Communications was born.  Since then, we’ve continued to add videos, books, calendars, and a variety of powwow cards.  Our primary focus is on quality and affordability.

       We grew another step in 1998 when we published Powwow Country: People of the Circle through our Meadowlark Publishing Company.  This book continually receives great reviews.

Our Recent Expansion

       We are again responding to requests for additional products by expanding our video line.  We kept hearing customers requesting titles we didn't carry. While researching new titles we found a need for a large variety of Native American /American Indian videos to be available from a single source.  We also found many excellent documentary productions needing exposure, marketing, and distribution.  We began compiling a list of recommended video and film titles to add to our product line.  We've grouped these new videos into Educational/Documentary, Feature Film/Entertainment, and Coming Attractions categories and offer them in addition to our popular Powwow category.

Our Product List

       We are excited about our 1999 product list.  In addition to some excellent new children's book titles we believe we offer the broadest selection of American Indian films and videos from one source.  We hope these products will help you in understanding and appreciating the cultural richness of North America's native peoples.

Our Website

       Our website is designed with a dual purpose.  First, we are able to showcase our products in an on-line catalog.  Secondly, but just as important, our site is designed to be a major source of information on the powwow world and native cultural events.  Research provided by News from Indian Country newspaper helps us to feature the most complete powwow schedule on the internet.  Other features of our site are a powwow history, explanations of dance styles, powwow etiquette, a photographic stock list, a continually changing photo gallery and links to other helpful and informative sites.

Contact Us

       We like to be personally in touch with our customers.   Therefore we enable you to contact us in a variety of ways. To order products, get additional information, or provide us with powwow dates call us toll free at 888 728-2180, send us E-mail at info@powwowcountry.com or write us at Meadowlark Communications, PO Box 7218, Missoula, MT. 59807. We will greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have.

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