Historical Documentary
500 Nation Series (8 Videos)

Attack on Culture
--1994; 500 Nations vol.#8--hosted by Kevin Costner. $19.95

Cauldron of War: Iroquois Democracy and the American Revolution --1994; 500 Nations vol.#5--hosted by Kevin Costner. Europe fights for control of American resources. Indian nations side with the trade-oriented French rather than the land-claiming English in the fierce French and Indian War. The Indian leader Pontiac rises to prominence. Cast: Patrick Stewart, Eric Schweig, Tom Jackson, Graham Greene, Michael Horse. $19.95, 49 Minutes.

Clash of Cultures: The People Who Met Columbus
--1994; 500 Nations vol.#3--hosted by Kevin Costner. The Taino people of Hispaniola offer friendship and commerce to Columbus in 1492. The newcomers believe that wealth belongs to those strong enough to take it. Conflict erupts and Indian nations defy an advance that subjects them to two unconquerable weapons: muskets and disease. Cast: Gordon Tootoosis, Tantoo Cardinal, Wes Studi, Frank Salsedo. $19.95, 49 Minutes.

Invasion of the Coast: The First English Settlements
--1994; 500 Nations vol.#4--hosted by Kevin Costner. Looks at three different areas and Indian people: The Arctic and the Inuit people, Jamestown and the Powhatan princess, Pocahontas, and Plymouth and the Wampanoagas people. But harmony in these three towns ultimately turns to hostility. Did Pocahontas really save Captain John Smith? Cast: Patrick Stewart, Eric Schweig, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Gary Farmer. $19.95, 49 Minutes.

Mexico: The Rise and Fall of the Aztecs
--1994; 500 Nations vol.#2--hosted by Kevin Costner. The Mexican Indian Nations use their great skills to build magnificent cities. When Hernando Cortez comes ashore under the Spanish flag in 1519, the empire of the Aztecs is challenged. Cast: Edward James Olmos, Tony Plana, Jesse Borrego. $19.95, 49 Minutes.

Removal: War and Exile in the East
--1994; 500 Nations vol.#6--hosted by Kevin Costner. Indian tribes try to save their homelands even after they embrace American ways. The Indian Removal Act becomes law in 1830 and Tecumseh (Shawnee) and Tsali (Cherokee) fight to save their people. Cast: Wes Studi, Sheldon Wolfchild, Gordon Tootoosis, Frank Salsedo, Eric Schweig. $19.95, 49 Minutes.

Roads Across the Plains --1994; 500 Nations vol.#7--hosted by Kevin Costner. Indian nations increasingly face subjugation or annihilation and their leaders head fierce pockets of resistance to resettlement. Cast: Gary Farmer, Tantoo Cardinal, Michael Horse, Kurtwood Smith, Dante Basco, West Studi. $19.95, 49 Minutes.

The Ancestors: Early Cultures of North America
--1994; 500 Nations vol.#1--hosted by Kevin Costner. The Ancestors explores three stunning early cultures of North America: Pueblo Bonito, Cliff Palace, and Cahokia bringing first-hand accounts, location filming, virtual-reality recreations, and history to the forefront. Cast: Graham Greene, Eric Schweig, Wes Studi, Tony Plana, Gary Farmer. $19.95, 49 Minutes.

America's Great Indian Leaders: Geronimo, Quanah Parker, Crazy Horse, and Chief Joseph --1995; A poignant, tragic episode in American History of four great native leaders who fight to protect their people and culture at the end of the 19th Century. Crazy Horse refused to bring his people into submission. Chief Joseph led his people on a 1700 mile flight. Geronimo was able to vanish and reappear confounding his pursuers. Quanah Parker guided his people between the white and Indian worlds. $29.95, 65 Minutes.

America's Great Indian Nations: Iroquois, Seminoles, Shawnee, Navajo, Cheyenne, and Lakota Sioux
--1995; Rich landscapes, dramatic reenactments, historical photographs and haunting music combine to look inside six of the most powerful, feared and honored tribes throughout American history. Iroquois, the most powerful of eastern tribes. Seminoles took freed slaves into their own nation. Shawnees formed a great confederacy to protect their land. Navajos fight an undeclared war against the United States Army. The Cheyennes were victims of the Sand Creek Massacre. The Lakota led the battle at Little Big Horn. $29.95, 65 Minutes.

Anasazi: The Ancient Ones
--Where did they come from? How did they live? What happened to them? All these questions, and more, are answered in this video. $19.95, 29 Minutes.

Cherokee General
--1998; Stand Watie fought for the Confederacy and was the last general to surrender to Union forces. For anyone with an interest in the Civil War and the enduring saga of the Cherokee Nation. $24.95, 30 Minutes.

Dakota Conflict
--1993; Recounts the war that began the thirty year struggle for the Great Plains, a struggle that continued at the Little Big Horn and ended at Wounded Knee. The Dakota Conflict tells a dramatic story of greed, betrayal, deceit and vengeance and of courage, faith, and dignity. Floyd Red Crow Westerman and Garrison Keillor narrate. $20.95, 60 Minutes.

Dakota Exile
--1995; The story of the Dakota people's brave struggle to survive 1862 after being expelled from Minnesota and the United States' largest mass execution that occurred then. This production traces the paths of Dakota prisoners and refugees. Dakota Exile reveals a portrait of a people who, despite tremendous adversity, have retained and strengthened their cultural identity. Robbie Robertson narrates. $20.95, 60 Minutes.

How the West Was Lost: Volume 1

How the West Was Lost: Volume 2--Always the Enemy and The Only Good Indian is a Dead Indian
--1993; A compelling documentary of the epic struggle for the American West. Nations fight to preserve a proud way of life. Includes poignant recollections from Indian descendants, spectacular videography, rare documents, and archival photographs. Hear Apaches recount the historic struggles of Cochise and Geronimo. Learn how unprovoked massacres of Cheyennes at Sand Creek and Washita turned them into a vengeful tribe. See how the slaughter of the buffalo destroyed the Cheyenne's way of life. $79.98, 100 Minutes.

Infinite Voyage: The Search for Ancient Americans
--1988; Examine proof that ancient man faced ice age beasts in Florida. Unravel the mysteries of Mayan temples in Honduras. Sift through the contents of a prehistoric "time capsule." Five astounding discoveries that became archeological landmarks. The Infinite Voyage will take you beyond your imagination with some of the most startling images modern technology can create. $14.95, 58 Minutes.

Last Stand at the Little Big Horn
--View the conflict from both sides, that of the Sioux and the settlers who coveted the land. $19.99, 60 Minutes.

Native Americans Series (6 Videos)

The Nations of the Northeast
Native Americans vol.#1-TBS--Written by Hanay Geiogamah and Michael Grant. --1994; American Indians come together to recount the history of their Northeastern ancestors. Historically, these Native people were a peaceful people who cherished a communal lifestyle. Jails were unheard of. Trust and honor were the law of the land. The Iroquois Confederary set a powerful example of many tribes living together in harmony. Directed by John Borden. $12.99, 50 Minutes.

The Nations of the Southwest
Native Americans vol.#2-TBS--Written by Hanay Geiogamah and Michael Grant. --1994; The remarkable evolution of the Pueblo Peoples, from cave dwellers to courageous rebels. Directed by Phil Lucas. $12.99, 50 Minutes.

The People of the Great Plains (Part 1)
Native Americans vol.#3-TBS--Written by Hanay Geiogamah and Michael Grant. --1994; Meet the tribes that lived and prospered on the Great Plains: Crow, Comanche, Sioux, and Arapaho. These tribes roamed the endless grasslands of this lush land. They lived and died by the sacredness of the bison. Their descendants tell their story of the days preserved in petroglyphs and rock and cave etchings. Directed by George Burdeau. $12.99, 50 Minutes.

The People of the Great Plains (Part 2)
Native Americans vol.#4-TBS--Written by Hanay Geiogamah and Michael Grant. --1994; After the Oregon Trail peace agreement as broken, there was no holding back the calculated extinction of American Indians. A group of tribespeople painfully recall the Sand Creek and Wounded Knee massacres, and consider the benefit of using the American political arena to claim their heritage. Directed by George Burdeau. $12.99, 50 Minutes.

The Tribal People of the Northwest
Native Americans vol.#5-TBS --Written by Hanay Geiogamah and Michael Grant. --1994; Five Northwest Coast tribal members offer personal, often poignant insights into the origins of their people and their cultures. As European exploitation spread across the North American continent, materialism and the gold rush dealt a final blow: thousands of lives were lost and cultures destroyed. Through these five tribal members, tribal wisdom and memories live on. Directed by Phil Lucas. $12.99, 50 Minutes.

The Tribes of the Southeast
Native Americans vol.#6-TBS --Written by Hanay Geiogamah and Michael Grant. --1994; Discover the Southeast's Tribes heritage. Witness their downfall: the Spanish invasion, slavery, Jacksonian democracy, the Trail of Tears and the ultimate ineffectiveness of Supreme Court protections of their lands. Directed by John Borden. $12.99, 50 Minutes.

People of the Seventh Fire
--1996; Native American prophecy foresees a people of the seventh fire, who will search the trail of life for forgotten memories of the earth and of their happiness. The common goal is caring for our Mother Earth, how to deal with the environment and ourselves. Filmed during a wilderness meeting of different Native Nations....Remarkable images and vivid testimony. $24.99, 55 Minutes.

Shadow Catcher: Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indian
--1993; This film retraces Curtis' dramatic and eventful journeys, re-creating events, dramatizing his struggles and featuring many of the world famous photographs that resulted. Curtis' own unpublished journals, field notes and private letters are the source materials of this history-making film. Curtis' dream was to awaken everyone to the richness as well as the incongruities and inequities of Native peoples' lives. Donald Sutherland as the voice of Curtis. $29.98, 88 Minutes.

Way West Series (4 Videos)

Approach of Civilization
Way West vol.#2: -PBS; $19.99, 90 Minutes.

Ghost Dance
Way West vol.#4: -PBS; $19.99, 90 Minutes.

War for Black Hills
Way West vol.#3: -PBS; $19.99, 90 Minutes.

Way West vol.#1: -PBS; $19.99, 90 Minutes.

The West: Ken Burns Presents-PBS Series (4 Videos)

Death Runs Riot
The West: Ken Burns Presents-PBS --1996; By the 1850s, more American pioneers poured west bringing slavery with them. The rough frontier would supply the sparks that would ignite the Civil War. Indians would be dragged into "the white man's war," while the besieged Mormons would commit the worst massacre of innocent pioneers in American history. As the bitter Civil War drew to a close, George Armstrong Custer and William Tecumseh Sherman used the tactics which had defeated the South against the Native Americans of the West. $19.98, 85 Minutes.

Fight No More Forever
The West: Ken Burns Presents-PBS --1996; By the 1870s, there were few pockets of resistance against the United States' push to conquer the west. Sitting Bull urges his people to fight rather than surrender their Black Hills and traditional way of life. Though an Indian victory, Custer's "Last Stand" would become in effect the last stand of the Sioux as a free people. Chief Joseph helps lead one of the most extraordinary military campaigns in American history. $19.98, 85 Minutes.

Ghost Dance
The West: Ken Burns Presents-PBS --1996; By the late 1880s, Americans were astonished by the changes they had brought to the west. Defeated militarily, Native Americans throughout the west now flocked to the call of a Paiute mystic, who offered the illusionary hope that the lost world of the buffalo could be brought back by the Ghost Dance. The promises of the Ghost Dance were trampled by Wounded Knee and buried by the Oklahoma Land Rush. $19.98, 58 Minutes.

The People
The West: Ken Burns Presents-PBS --1996; The west was a wilderness to be conquered, filled with treasure, souls to save or defeat, and new horizons to explore. Nearly one hundred years before the American Revolution, the Pueblo people of the Southwest rose up against their European masters and drove the Spanish from their lands. Lewis and Clark set off to find the fabled Northwest Passage, as a confident young nation prepared for its own epic march across the West. $19.98, 82 Minutes.

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