Powwow Etiquette

  1. Be careful to listen to the announcer so that you have an idea what is going on. Announcers will ask people to stand, remove hats, request silence, not take pictures at certain times during a powwow.
  2. Do not photograph participants close-up without asking their permission. Introduce yourself to your subject and get to know that person a little. Listen to the announcer for cues to when it is inappropriate to photograph.
  3. Do not allow your children to run through or play in the dance arena during dance sessions.
  4. Many people mark their sitting places with blankets or personal items. Do not move items or sit in someone's spot. It is best to bring your own lawn chairs for a place to sit.
  5. Do not touch a dancer's regalia, or pick up feathers that may have dropped on the ground.
  6. It is considered polite and good manners to accept an offer of food or an invitation to "come and eat with us." Don't turn down the offer.
  7. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed on powwow grounds. Don't drink and if you have been drinking, stay away from the powwow.
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